I had a pair of good games last night. Structural Standards beat the Dragons by a 4-3 final. The winning goal was scored in the last 1:30 of the 3rd period. Considering the Dragons beat us 6-1 in the first game of the season, to see my team come back and have a big 4-3 win against them is huge. Unless some major things happen, Structural won’t make playoffs this season. However, they have rebounded well with some good wins this season after a very rough start. I have to commend everyone on the team for their hard work. We may not be the best team, and the odds are stacked against us winning even 1 of our last 2 games, but they play hard out there. Thats all I can really ask for as a goalie.

On the other side of things, my 1st place Marketlab team was defeated by the 2nd place Ellis Sales team by a 4-2 final. There was an empty netter at the end, so it was a close game the whole way through. They had a 2-0 lead in the 2nd period and we came back to tie it in the 3rd period. With 6 minutes left, they put another past me on a nice shot in the slot to make it 3-2. Our offense just couldn’t get past their D. The puck was bouncing over our sticks. I really can’t say it was all bad luck, as we didn’t make any good luck on our end. Still, its our first loss of the season.

Last season when this same team went undefeated through the season, I was nervous when playoffs hit. We were tested in regular season and had some close games, but to skate into the playoffs without a loss was not the best omen in my book. Still, we went the distance. With this loss, it will motivate my team to do something special the last 2 games of the season and then do well in playoffs. I have no doubt.

That concludes my hockey games for the week. I played very well this week, and I am looking forward to having a few days off before I play again on Sunday. I have a Grand Rapids Griffins outing to attend to on Saturday and tonight after work I am going to be resting at home.