Ice hockey going well

My Kodiaks team did well last night in a very strong 11-5 win. It should have been 11-4, but I fell asleep in the last 2 minutes of the game and got scored on from center ice. I really can’t blame myself too much, but still its not acceptable. We didn’t play against the best team in the league either. Our true test will come with better competition. This season has been a challenge for me in net in ice hockey. Just haven’t been playing very solid and I don’t know what the problem is. Its not too much of a cause for concern yet, but it will be as the stakes get higher when playoffs hit.

My confidence is the first thing I have to work on. Gotta keep my confidence at a very high level and stay sharp. Playing my angles is another thing I can do much better than I am now.

2 down….1 to go

Two of my teams have clinched playoff births. Marketlab (Who Cares) clinched a few weeks ago with their 7th win of the season. With 3 games to go, they are in and if everything works out well we should take 1st place in the division. Maly’s clinched on Monday with their win. With 2 games to go, they could be anywhere from 1st to 4th.

The one team that is still up in the air is Shock and Awful. A team I took over for about 2 games ago. We have won both games, but we are still on the playoff bubble. Even if we win out, we won’t make it in. We need help in the form of the 3rd or 4th place team getting beat in their last 2 games. Obviously, we have to win out to have a go at it. With the way we have been playing, I think we have a strong chance to make some noise for the rest of the season and playoffs if everyone shows up. The key will be if things fall into place for us.

Tonight, I have Marketlab and Structural Standards to play for before getting a few days off of hockey to rest up a bit. Sunday hockey at Lazer Skate will be fun as normal.