Celebration on hold

Shock and Awful won their 3rd game in a row by defeating the top ranked Fury team 9-7. I had an average game. The Fury goalie had an average game as well. Obviously, the key difference is that my team scored more goals. I had no big saves in that game and made some mistakes.

Once again, I felt a little intimidation in that game. I was uneasy, and as the game crept along, I just was not feeling like myself more and more. By the 3rd period, I got that out of my system and finished strong. Still, if there is a lesson to be learned, it is to not let those feelings get the best of me. Stay focused and confident. That is the key.

Still, my team all showed up for the most part. They played hard. We won the game. That win keeps us alive in the playoff hunt with 2 games to go that we also must win. We also need to get some help in the standings in order to make the playoffs.

I am proud of this team coming together to play hard. Some members of the team don’t like each other very much. Individually, they have come up to me to tell me about it. It was my job to tell them to put their differences aside and join me in winning some games. So far, they have listened and I am reaping the rewards.

As I have said before, playoffs is the goal. It is what Rick wanted when the season started. I am going to do my part to get us there. If what I am doing is not enough, then I will be happy knowing that I played my best hockey and did my part to get them as far as they will get.

A team effort

In what was hopefully going to be my second game of the new year, it was only my first last night. Since my Sunday game got canceled, I was looking foward to facing some shots. Instead, my team turned in a dominating performance and we had a 8-0 lead before the other team put 2 past me. We won 8-2, but I didn’t get much of a workout like I wanted. Which is unfortunate because the big game is tonight.

With 3 games left to go, Rick’s Shock and Awful team needs wins. They are 2 points behind the final playoff spot. However, their margin for error is thin. If they win out, they should make playoffs. If they lose one game, their destiny won’t be in their hands. With me in net for the rest of the season, this game has great importance for this team to make playoffs.

The sense of urgency that should be burning inside me really isn’t there yet. It depends on what my team does. If my team doesn’t show up tonight, I won’t lose any sleep if we lose. If my team plays hard and the fault rests on my shoulders, then I will feel regret. I just want to play a solid game and let the chips fall where they may.

Last night, Maly’s clinched a playoff birth. Marketlab is in the playoffs as well on Thursday night. That gives me 2 teams already that I will be competiting for a championship with. This Shock and Awful team would be the icing on the cake, but only if my team desires it enough to make it.

Thoughts on Big Ten Football and Bowl Games

Now, I am not really a specific fan of any team in college football. I like Michigan and Michigan State since I grew up south of Lansing. I take the time to watch both of those teams when I can. I guess you can call me a Big Ten football fan more than anything. Anything that brings success to the Big Ten is a good thing. I rooted for Penn State, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Northwestern, Minnesota, and Ohio State in the bowl games this season.

Who won their game? Iowa.

Penn State got beat pretty soundly by USC, but that was a home game for USC. I still think that USC should get to go to happy valley and play a home game at Penn State in January for a rematch. I am sure the USC fans would love to see that one.

Wisconsin was overrated. Same with Northwestern, but at least they put up more of a fight in their game.

Minnesota played solid but was just outmatched by Kansas.

Michigan State was outmatched by Georgia but played very hard.

Lastly, you have Ohio State. I tell you, Lloyd Carr caught hell for not being able to beat Ohio State in the regular season. Well, Jim Tressell should start catching hell for not winning a freaking bowl game. How many cracks are they going to get before the Ohio State fans start bitching?

But I digress…..

At least Iowa came out and dominated in their game. By dominating I mean DOMINATING. They were up 31 to 0 on a very strong South Carolina team that was expected to beat them. Good job Iowa! Way to win one for the Big Ten!

As for the rest of the Big Ten, I just wish that they would put together a solid bowl game season. It would be wonderful to see 5 of the 6 teams on the schedule win their games in a bowl season. Still waiting for that to happen….and I am not holding my breath.