Ready to roll

After a nice break from hockey and school, my batteries are recharged and I am ready to rock and roll. My hockey seasons resume on Sunday night and I have 5 straight days of games on the schedule. On top of that, I start my next MBA class which is a management class on Monday. So it looks like my spare time will once again be pretty much gone. At least for the next 3 weeks when rollerhockey will take a 2 week break and I will just have ice hockey and my MBA class to concentrate on.

Its good to get busy again and get back on the horse so to speak. All this sitting around and not playing or studying is starting to make me antsy. Sure, I have work, but the holidays are slower and work won’t pick back up until Monday.

I guess if there is anything I am a little concerned about is that all these things are hammering me at once. MBA class starting right away. Hockey starting Sunday and then work picking back up which means after work projects and other things to concern myself with.

I have enjoyed this break, but its good to be starting up again.