BCS, Winter Classic, Blu-ray goodness, and the new year

The Winter Classic hockey game was awesome to watch on TV. While watching it, I realized that I didn’t need to travel to Chicago to get immersed fully. It was just fine sitting in my living room watching the game on my 52 inch LCD TV in HD. Watching the Wings win 6-4 was, in a word, awesome.

The bowl games on the other hand were not that much fun to watch. MSU got hammered. Penn State got the raw deal this year though as USC got play a home game against them. I am totally against football teams like USC getting a home game for a bowl game. Just like I am against a team in college hockey getting a NCAA playoff game at their home rink. The bowl games and NCAA playoff games should be played at a neutral site. Since USC beat up on Penn State at home, they should get to go back to Penn State to play a rematch.

I got some new Blu-ray movies for Christmas. I am watching Batman Begins right now and the 1080p resolution looks awesome. I will be purchasing Blu-ray movies from here on out thats for sure. I won’t be upgrading my current collection though.

Today feels like a Sunday because I have to go back to work tomorrow. There is part of me that wishes it was Sunday because I could be playing hockey. Its been almost 2.5 weeks since I last played, my batteries are recharged, and I am looking forward to playing again.

Overall, a very good start to the new year. I couldn’t be happier.