A win is a win……I suppose

Back a couple years ago, I played for Dekleine Builders in a very tough division. Our first game, we won 7-6 and I was disappointed with our performance as a whole. Still, they were all about “the win” and the fact the game was over. Ok, I let it slide. We ended up being 2-8 or something like that. The point is that I am always concerned when it comes to my goaltending and the way I play. Just because we win doesn’t make it all good.

Last night my ice hockey team won 9-8. Another one of these shootouts where I let in 8 goals in a game and we still win. We weren’t so fortunate when we lost to the new #1 team last week when we lost 8-7. Still, the point is that I have not played well for this team since I pitched that 4-0 shutout about a month and a half ago. I hurt my knee, was awful. Took a week off because of that and the next week because of the flu. Played the last 3 games and given up 7 goals, 8 goals, and 8 goals respectively.

That is just god awful. Especially since I wasn’t letting any of those kinds of shots in on Tuesday when I played hockey. I felt sharp going into the game, and my confidence took a hit in the 2nd period. I rebounded a little bit as time went on, but still, I was not my old self.

The break could not come soon enough. Now I get a couple weeks to rest and reflect on the year that has been. Maybe a break is what I need to recharge my batteries and play solid when I get back. One thing is certain, I would rather have a bad stretch now then in playoffs at the end of February.