A solid game

Its been over a week since I can say that. I had a solid game in net. In fact, my team had a solid game overall. The second place team we played against didn’t have their best game. We had a 9-1 lead in the second period and they had a power play the whole 3rd period. The game ended 10-4.

I was pumped as we took a big lead and never looked back. The win gives us a chance to make playoffs, which is my goal. Rick, the goalie for this team who is out on IR after having surgery, would be proud I think. This season is a dedication to him in my mind.

While I was happy with my teams performance, I felt for the goalie at the other end. Joe is a phenomenal goalie and someone that I want to be as good as. I remember in my days back in 2000 (or 2001) when I would practice with the River frogs pro roller team, I was not a good skater or player. Joe and Pauly were two goalies who I wanted to be as good as. Fast forward about 8 years and I am nowhere close. My age has caught up to me.

I wore my Grand Rapids All Stars jersey that I wore when I played the charity game against the Ex Red Wings back in 2003. The jersey brought me luck, so I am going to wash it and wear it to every game with this team. If we make playoffs, I will wear it to playoffs too. Then, I will retire it when the season is over. Call me superstitious, but I am going to roll with this because it makes me feel a little more secure. At my age, thats about all I have left.

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