Looking for a turnaround tomorrow

My struggles in goal continued today as my Donkey Punch team lost 11-2. I really didn’t play horrible, but I did let in 3 five hole goals that I should have had. One of them was REALLY weak. I did have some pretty good saves in the course of the game, but the team we played dropped from the division above us so they had their way with us for the most part. They should run the table in this division. Especially since they are only giving up 1 goal per game and scoring 9-10 goals a game.

I don’t know. Call me a traditionalist, but I believe that teams scoring that much and dominating that much in the lower division should just stay in the upper division. Why the management just let them move down just shocks me. It was probably a money decision more than anything.

This week I have a lot of hockey to play, but then I have a solid two weeks off before I come back to play on January 4th for Donkey Punch again. Two weeks to heal up and rest up. Then the stretch run to the playoffs and the playoffs themselves.

After these playoffs are done, I will have to evaluate how much I am playing and make some adjustments.