A little bit of everything

I will start off with the bad and end with the good.

First off, I will mention that I have been crap in net playing goal. I allowed way too many goals on Wednesday, and then again on Thursday. Even though my Marketlab team won on Thursday, I just did not play solid. I just don’t understand it because its the first time in about a month that I am playing pain free in my right knee. In fact, I have been feeling awesome. Maybe I have been too comfortable. Either way, I need to play more solid, and I have games starting tomorrow to turn things around.

I would much rather have a bad spell of games now than in late January when I am in playoffs. Thats for darn sure.

On a technical note, I just upgraded from WordPress 2.6 to WordPress 2.7 which includes a lot of improvements.


It was very easy to do that installation and then upgrade my Thesis theme to the latest version as well. Now I get to play around with more of the new features, but that is for another evening.

Its almost 12:30am now and I am exhausted after a long day. Our hot water heater valve that connects to the drain pipe croaked so that needed to be replaced. I spent time doing homework for my MBA. I had some work stuff to do as well. Then I was at the Roller Derby to watch the Grand Raggidy Girls. Then off to Frankie Vs for drinks and food with my friends. It was a long ass day and I am really looking forward to bed.

I am also looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow too.