Big successful week

It was a very big and successful week in hockey for me.

On Sunday, I won my first game with my new team at Lazer Skate with a lopsided 9-2 win. We will be tested harder in our next few games, but I did pretty well considering my right knee was sore and a little shaky.

On Monday I was going to sit out and not play, but with my Maly’s team short on players, I played in net instead of skating out. We won 4-3 in OT and I came up with some good saves, but it wasn’t my best game because of my right knee.

Wednesday my knee was much better but it was still a little stiff. Still, I played and we won 11-6. I was very hesitant to go down in my butterfly and test my knee, which is why they got 2 five hole goals and I was not very fast. Still, we did pretty well, but have a lot of room for improvement when it comes to our passing and defense.

Tonight was a tough night but I won all three (yes three) of my games. Structural Standards won a big game and their first of the season by a 4-3 final score. The last goal was scored while we were shorthanded by 2 guys. It was a great goal, but a very fortunate goal for us. Structural is having a hard time getting goals, and just to see them get a win is huge.

My Marketlab team won both of their games tonight as they had a double header. The first game I got a shutout by a final of 8-0 over the Dragons, but I had a strong game. I got some help from my D, so it wasn’t all me, but it never is when I get a shutout.

Lastly, Marketlab beat “Why do we have Jordie” or the old Rink Rats team by a final of 5-3. We were down 2-0 in the 3rd period and then 3-1 with about 8 minutes to go. We finally started to get some goals and then scored with less than a minute to go to take the 4-3 lead. Add an empty netter and the win was complete.

My Marketlab team has found a way to win again, which is the same thing that happened last season when they were Who Cares. They just play very strong and they don’t give up. I still have this nagging reminder that my luck can’t go on forever. I just hope it isn’t in a playoff game.

My hockey season is almost 1/2 over in all my leagues and I am playing very well. I am looking forward to the holiday break as I need some rest. my right knee needs a little more than just 3 days of rest to get better. If rest is what it needs. It seems to be doing better as I play, so it is probably not a sports related injury. Heck, I woke up on Thanksgiving morning with this uncomfortable pain in my right knee and I hadn’t played in about a week at that point.

So I enter the weekend with all my games won and I couldn’t be happier.

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