A tale of two teams

Since I got back from Texas a week and a half ago, a lot has happened. I have fought another illness, played some solid hockey, and my MBA class is in full swing and I am doing quite well. My health the last 3 days has not been good. Just today I started to get better, and I still have this nagging cough and congestion that just won’t go away. I am looking forward to a nice weekend of rest.

My hockey teams are doing well for the most part. My Monday team I skated out for and we won 4-0. It was the first time I skated out since last season and I enjoyed it. I just don’t have the stamina to do that in long periods, but in short shifts I am just fine. Malys is now 2-0 on the season and looking very strong.

My Kodiaks ice hockey team did well last week and I don’t know how they did this week since I was at home recovering from this nasty flu or cold or whatever you want to call it. Still, we are playing pretty well and I anticipate playing better as the season goes on.

Lastly, I come to the tale of two teams. Two teams that made the playoffs last season and are going in separate directions. Marketlab (aka Who Cares) is 2-0 and playing pretty well. Structural Standards is 0-2 and struggling a bit. My main goal on Marketlab is to play the best game I can and just listen to what my team has to say.

Structural looks to me to say the right things and think positive. It was my job last season to get them to the playoffs and I did that. This season, its my job to keep them thinking positive and keep working hard. These guys will not quit and I will not quit playing for them thats for sure. They remind me of the first team I ever played hockey for. They want to play, have fun, and win. I will help them in any way I can.

Soon, it will be Friday, and I will be at home from work resting for the weekend. I can’t wait.