A much needed break

On Saturday 10/25, I flew down to Dallas to spend some time with my cousin and just relax. It was a very nice trip. We watched a TCU football game, the Dallas Stars, and the Dallas Mavericks. All really fun games to go to. It was a good break, but when I was flying back, all I could think of was getting back to my routine.

My routine that has been changed around as of late. I have an MBA class that started that is taking up my time now. I also have hockey starting back up this week. I am playing for both teams that won championships last season and I hope for a repeat in both divisions. Lastly, my ice hockey team plays this week and after giving up 16 goals in 2 games, I have a lot to prove and play for.

I am still a little tired from my trip, but the break is something I really needed. I needed to get away from things around here for a bit and recharge my batteries. I needed to regain my hockey focus. After not playing for a week and a half, I feel I have done that. I also needed to get myself mentally prepared for my first MBA class. My first college course I have taken in over 11 years.

I have achieved all those goals. Lets see how tonight goes.