Playoff Day Reflections

Before I head off to bed, I thought about some interesting things that had to do with the playoffs I played on Saturday.

It was the first forfeit I have ever been a part of in my hockey playing days. I love to play, but I am glad I didn’t play that last game for Who Cares Brass. I had two other title games to play for, and the thought of getting shelled and mercied since we only had 4 guys was not very appealing to me. It wouldn’t have been fair to my other teams that worked so hard to make it to the finals in their respective divisions. I am not using that as a convenient excuse though. Its just too bad that things worked out the way they did and I still feel badly over that.

There are very few players that truly intimidate me or that I feel a slight fear that I can’t beat. Yesterday, I played against a couple of them. I still am human and still do have feelings of inadequacy at times. I am glad to say that I didn’t lose to either of these players. In the end though, I am always going to be battling that in some way, shape, or form. The key is to channel that into a drive and determination to win.

The 2 week break from rollerhockey is going to be a long one. I am already eager to start back up playing again. My next concern will be the scheduling and how the teams I am playing for are all going to work out next season. This season was a dream season for me. Its been a long time since I won championships in 2 different divisions in the same session. My teams were all competitive. I won over 75% of my games and that isn’t anything to be disappionted about.

Then, there is the long term health of hockey in MI. The amount of teams in this area are dropping slowly. Rivertown once boasted 60 teams, and is now down to less than half that. The other main rollerhockey rink has seen their teams decline as well. Then, ice hockey in this area is also seeing teams not coming back. Players who once played are not doing it anymore since the economy is in doubt and money may be tighter now than in the past. Its a sad story and its my hope that these rinks can weather the storm until things pick back up. Its going to take a while for this to happen. At least that is what I fear.