Never comes easy

I played very solid today. My total record was 5-0 and I won 2 championships.  It was my 22nd and 23rd respectively.  However, I was left with mixed emotions on the day for various reasons.

Game #1 – Who Cares Brass was the first game I played on the day. My team fought hard against a hungry Pfiffer Infinity team. We led 3-1 at one point in the game. Pfiffer tied it up in the last 5 minutes of the 3rd period. We finally scored off of a deflection in the first OT. I didn’t let in any weak goals which was a good thing. I just wanted to prove to myself that I could beat the #1 team. The finals would never come for this team though as they only had 4 guys that could make the final game. Since I had other championship games, I made the decision to play if my team wanted to but I might get some help in net. Who Cares made the decision to forfeit their last game due to not having enough guys.

Game #2 – Malys road to the championship went through a very tough Main Street Pub team by a final of 3-2. I played a solid game once again keeping my team in the lead. Eli scored all 3 of our goals to help our team to victory.

Game #3 – Who Cares Aluminum finished the season 10-0 and if there was anything I wanted, it was to win with them. I have been fortunate to have an undefeated season 2 previous times. The first time my Bulldogs team faltered in the playoffs. The second time Dekleine Builders took the trophy. I didn’t want Who Cares Aluminum to falter this far in. The Rink Rats were undefeated last season and I was fortunate enough to beat them in the first round of the playoffs. I remember how pumped I was to play that game and upset them. I didn’t want any teams feeling that same high today.

Who Cares Aluminum won their first game by a 8-4 score, but it was an ominous beginning. The Lightning scored the first 3 goals of the game in the first period. One of them off a nice 2 on 1 chance. The second one was a weak goal from the side of the net. I didn’t go down fast enough and it slipped under my pad. I was the most pissed off about this goal more than any that had been scored on me so far today. It was one I should have had. Who Cares started to apply pressure and get goals in the 2nd and 3rd periods. At one point it was tied up 4-4, but Who Cares started to pull away. When the Lightning’s best player got kicked out for 3 penalties, we salted the game away. Overall, a strong effort after a weak first period by myself and the rest of the team.

Game #4 – Malys championship game was against the Hurricane. A team that beat us in the regular season 5-4 and 2-1 in the regular season. This game would have a much better ending. Malys would leap out to a dominating 3-0 lead at the end of the first period. One player from the Hurricane who was just insanely good for the beginner division torched me for the only two goals. Both of them excellent shots. The final 30 seconds was hectic. The game ended with two of my defensemen in the crease stopping shots with their bodies. Final of 3-2. It was back to back championships for Malys and my first with the team.

Game #5 – Who Cares played the Rink Rats for the championship, and it was a dominating performance for Who Cares. The defense was superb through the whole game. Their passing was tape to tape the whole game. The final was 5-0. It was my first playoff shutout in over 2 years.

This playoff day was not without its disappointments. The first is Structural Standards. I wanted to play for them so badly, but with me having to play a game right afterwards, and with Who Cares in the playoffs in the same division, I wanted them to have their own goalie. My brother played for them and lost 3-2. It was sad to see them play hard and lose, but they will get another chance down the road. It was still sad though.

The second disappointment was watching my brother play so hard in 2 games and lose them both. He played a great first game with Structural Standards, and a superb game with the Rabid Wombats in a 2-1 loss. He made diving saves and toe saves. He made probably 3 saves that were just incredible and game saving stops. Its just sad that he didn’t get enough goal support.

Lastly, Who Cares Brass forfeiting their game due to lack of players. It was sad to see them do that, but I totally understand it. I have to wonder what would have happened if a full strength Who Cares team got to play the final game with the Empty Netters. I guess we won’t know the answer to that question though.