A tough act to follow

The last few weeks I have fought the injury bug. Today, I think I have finally shaken it loose. Not before I have missed 3 games in the last two weeks. I just hope I am truely 100% ready physically to play. Mentally, I know I am.

My confidence has slipped over the last few weeks with my struggles in net with Who Cares Brass. I have had very good success with every other team….except this one. The sub goalie that has played in my place the last few weeks because of my bad knee has turned in a pair of great performances. One to keep the team alive in the playoff hunt. The other an upset of the #3 team to secure a spot.

Every other team I have played for I have done a pretty darn good job in net with. Who Cares Aluminum clinched 1st place in their division. Malys is in 3rd place in their division with a great chance to win it all as well. My ice hockey team is also playing very well and I am doing well in net for them so far this season. Needless to say, I am very happy for the most part.

I decided that I am going to play in Who Cares Brass first game. I feel with the money I have invested in the team that I deserve my shot in the playoffs with them. If we win, I will let Woot take the second game. He deserves it for getting them this far.

I am very eager to play in playoffs this Saturday.