Goal accomplished!

One of my goals was to help Structural Standards get to the playoffs for the first time. That goal has been achieved. Structural won 8-5, and to their credit, I let in 4 bad goals. It was not my best game, but its a win. They will now have one more game to decide seeding. They win their last game, they could finish as high as 3rd. A loss means 5th or 6th place most likely. Still, its their first trip to the playoffs and I was happy to get them there.

On the flip side, Who Cares Aluminum clinched first place with a 9-3 win over the Aces who are in 3rd place right now. That means its now championship or bust for this team. An ending that doesn’t include lifting a trophy will be considered a failure.

The real bummer of things is Who Cares is in 1st while Structural will be 4th or something like that. Which means they could meet in the semis or the finals. After playing with both of these teams all season, I would feel bad about eliminating either team. I am just so confident that Who Cares will be the team standing at the end of the day. Course, Rink Rats felt the same way after going 9-0-1 last season and losing in the semifinals to my team, the Dragons last season.

Anything can happen.

Who Cares Brass has a shot at making playoffs with a win on Tuesday. If I will play or not is another thing. With me not playing well so far this season in Brass, I have been considering giving the team to someone else….then again, I am not the quitting type. I am going to play it by ear and see how I feel.