Bumps and bruises

I remember getting bumps and bruises when I was younger and healing up from them pretty quickly. When I started playing hockey 10 years ago, I would rest up a couple days after straining my back or something along those lines and I would be fine. This pain in the ass knee injury is just that…a pain.

Its not as sore or as tight as it was yesterday, but it is better. Still, its concerning to me to be struggling with it. I have been taking Ibuprofin and resting it in the evenings. Still, its a little sore today which is causing me to worry.

I know my knees haven’t been in the best condition, but I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. I have made the decision to play today if my team can’t find a goalie. Otherwise, I am going to play. I think if I stretch out really well today, I will be good to go when it comes to playing tonight.

Otherwise, I will take another evening off and rest it. Once again hoping it is 100% tomorrow. Here’s to hoping!

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