Sub par performance

Playing for Malys today, we were ensured of a playoff spot. However, I really wanted to beat this Hurricane house team that had beaten us 2-1 before. Tonight we lost again by a final of 5-4. I let in a couple goals that I should have had. One that went five hole on me off the faceoff. Another few that I just missed. It was a night of unfortunate bounces by my team as well. The other team just blocked a ton of shots. Their goalie played a great game.

I was outplayed tonight, but all bets are off when it comes to Saturday playoffs next weekend. If there is one thing I have learned, facing some adversity in the season is a good way to prepare for a playoff run. Gives the players something to look forward to. Gives me something to look forward to. A little redemption or a little salt in the wound so to speak.

My knee was very sore and stiff when I got up this morning. After playing tonight, its the same. I think my game performance was not up to par due to my knee. Course, a little Ibuprofin never hurt thats for sure. I will see how my knee feels tomorrow before I choose to play or not. I want to be 100% for Wednesdays ice hockey game and Thursday’s double header game I have. So I might be finding a sub goalie for tomorrow depending on how I feel.

Based on how I have been playing on Tuesday’s lately, maybe I should find a sub.