A good weekend

It was a very good weekend. Very relaxing.

The only constructive things I got done over the weekend was winterizing the house. I put all the hoses away, winterized the sprinkler system, opened the heat exchange vents in the basement, mowed the lawn, and dumped the dirt out of the planters.

Otherwise, it was just a big weekend of watching television, playing computer games, and otherwise doing very little to nothing. The NHL started up with 2 games on Saturday and Sunday overseas. I watched parts of them both, but the crowd was lacking a bit on the emotional side. Still, it was good to see professional hockey again.

With only two weeks in the regular season for all 4 of my rollerhockey teams, I am excited for the upcoming playoffs. I should have all my concentration on the upcoming games instead. I am sure my focus will shift before each game.

Malys controls their own destiny. With a win tonight, they should clinch first place overall.

Who Cares Aluminum should also clinch first with a win tonight.

Who Cares Brass must win their last 2 games and get help in order to make playoffs. With the way I have played for them, I am not holding out much hope. By far, the weakest of my goaltending has shown through on Tuesday nights in the top division this season. Which is equally frustrating to me as well as the team.

Structural Standards should clinch a playoff spot with a win in one of their next two games. It will be their first playoff birth. I am excited to help them get in and I have total confidence we will get in for the first time.

Then, my ice hockey team has a game on Wednesday at 10pm which should be fun as well. After a team effort shutout last week, I am looking forward to more good things this week.