Two shutouts and three wins

First, I pulled a shutout in a joint goaltending effort by Jeff Z. and myself to help Ionia Skateland win their game 4-0. I came in midway through the second period to do my part in the game so Jeff could get dressed and skate with Ionia as a defenseman.

Then I got Who Cares Aluminum improve to 8-0 by winning their game 5-2. The game was 3-0 up until the last period when I missed a couple saves. One went five hole on me because I didn’t drop fast enough. The other one was a nice shot to the top corner of the net. Still, Who Cares has made themselves the team to beat come playoff Saturday.

Lastly, my ice hockey team notched their 3rd win of the season by a 4-0 win. It was my first ice hockey shutout in well over a year and a half I think. My defense helped me out a lot. I came up with good saves when I needed to, but I was most impressed by the passing of our team. After a couple disappointments in the playoffs, I have very high hopes this season.

One more game this week and thats to help Structural Standards get their first playoff birth by doing my part and getting them a win tonight. Then, I can spend the weekend resting up. I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing this weekend thats for sure.