More thoughts

With my body in rough shape last night and this morning, I am starting to think that I need to start thinking about my life after hockey. Yes, what am I going to do with the 3-4 nights a week I am playing now when I am no longer able to play?

I am pursuing my MBA starting at the end of the month. In 4 years I should have my MBA in Business, and then I can start on my PhD so I can teach college somewhere in about 15 years. Still, those things aren’t going to quench my thirst for competition.

Last night, the opposing goalie was doing his best impression of what I used to be like when I was playing hockey. I remember how excited I would get if my team would score in a game. I have calmed down significantly in the last 5 years but in big games like in playoffs on Saturday I still get excited when my team performs well or when I perform well. When I got into the car, I thought about it and I knew he was just making fun of me. He really isn’t my friend. Just an acquaintance that I play hockey against. Most of the people around the rink that I play hockey with aren’t true friends of mine. Just players I play for, with, or against. There are very few true friends I have at the rink.

I just popped a 800mg pain killer for my knee and neck. I am pretty sore right now from last night and tonight is going to be tough for me playing again. I am not hurt enough to not play tonight thats for sure. I just hope I play solid games.