Rough night?

Its amazing how sloppy I played in my first game tonight when we had a chance to win and how much better I played the second game. In the end, I finished 1-1. 1 OT win and 1 OT loss. Who Cares Brass playoff hopes took a hit after losing 7-6. Pfiffer Infinity won their game 5-4 with me subbing in net.

If there is anything I have learned it is this….

Its my last season playing in the top division at Rivertown.

About 4 years ago when the Bulldogs left the division, I dropped to the lower 3 divisions. With only 3 divisions remaining, a lot of good players have stuck around in the top division. I am finding myself not as fast as I used to be when I was playing very well about 2-3 years ago. My body is just not as fast anymore as it used to be.

So, beginner and maybe beginner/intermediate will be the top division I will play. Mostly beginner though. I am ok with that since my knees have been bothering me after my games lately. Especially tonight. My right knee is a sore when I bend it.

Gotta get some sleep as I have a big day tomorrow.