No rest for the weary

My body is hurting. The two games I played tonight really took a lot out of me. My thumb was whacked pretty good on Monday and it is healing good today, but my left wrist has me concerned. Its really sore to the point where certain things I do really hurt. Its hard to narrow down when it is going to hurt which makes it frustrating.

I have two more games to play this week. Structrual Standards has a key game on Thursday while Who Cares looks to improve to 5-0 tomorrow. Then I can take the weekend and rest up once again.

I just hope my darn wrist heals up sufficiently. I don’t know what I did, but its frustrating.

2 Replies to “No rest for the weary”

  1. Thanks a lot Mike!

    Hockey is a fun sport but it is rough on me at times thats for sure. I guess I am not as durable as I used to be. I remember when I could get bruised up pretty good and heal up fast. Now, it takes days if not weeks to get back up to 100%. Sad story.

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