The break gives me too much time to think

I am half way through my break from hockey and I am already itching to get back at it. I want so badly to put my skates on and play again. However, I am still embracing this break. The season will start back up with a bang and I won’t have another break until October.

My teams are sitting well in rollerhockey. Who Cares in Aluminum is undefeated after some excellent close games. I have played solid in those wins and made timely saves. With 6 games left, I can see us placing first. Maly’s in Tin is also doing well. I should be skating out 4 of the last 6 games at least and in next for a few. Playoffs are up in the air.

I have the team I am subbing for in the top division, Who Cares in Brass. A team looking for players and a team in flux. I have no idea what the end result will be for them, but I am going to help as long as they have players not showing up and they need me.

Lastly, I have my ice hockey team. We start playing in about 2 weeks and the format looks to be pretty fun. 24 games for the season, and then 3 rounds of playoffs with a best of 3 format for a possible max of 33 games. I am eager to play in a league like that. Especially a multi-game playoff series where one bounce or one game is not the end result. Just like I had last time in the last playoff game in ice hockey. Weird shot bounces off of 2 people and to a wide open guy who puts the puck in the net. A silly bounce that costs you a game. I am not upset about the bounce. Its the game of hockey. I have always wanted to play in a league like this and it looks like I will have a chance to do so.