Rough night?

Its amazing how sloppy I played in my first game tonight when we had a chance to win and how much better I played the second game. In the end, I finished 1-1. 1 OT win and 1 OT loss. Who Cares Brass playoff hopes took a hit after losing 7-6. Pfiffer Infinity won their game 5-4 with me subbing in net.

If there is anything I have learned it is this….

Its my last season playing in the top division at Rivertown.

About 4 years ago when the Bulldogs left the division, I dropped to the lower 3 divisions. With only 3 divisions remaining, a lot of good players have stuck around in the top division. I am finding myself not as fast as I used to be when I was playing very well about 2-3 years ago. My body is just not as fast anymore as it used to be.

So, beginner and maybe beginner/intermediate will be the top division I will play. Mostly beginner though. I am ok with that since my knees have been bothering me after my games lately. Especially tonight. My right knee is a sore when I bend it.

Gotta get some sleep as I have a big day tomorrow.

The upswing

On Wednesday last week after my ice hockey game, I started to feel a little drained. My throat was sore, but I just shruged it off. Friday was even worse. I think I was coming down with a cold. It really couldn’t be the flu since I had my flu shot last year. From what I have read, when the flu hits, its a minor flu as compared to what I could have gotten without the flu shot.

Either way, on Saturday and every day after that I have felt a little better. Played hockey last night in a very tight 5-4 win that ensured Malys would be playing in the playoffs this season. With Who Cares also making it in, I have two solid teams with great potential to win a championship.

I have not been playing well for Who Cares Brass this season so far. I have dropped more games than I have won. I have not been solid in net for them. With our last 3 games as must wins in order to make it into the playoffs, I am forced to play well.

Lately my mind has been on ice hockey. We have a very solid team going into week 3 and our first two games have been very good. We are passing like a team. We are playing as a team. Those things usually account for wins and success. Still, with 5 teams left to play, its hard to tell where you are going to pan out in the end. Still, its promising to see the product that you have on the ice in front of you as a goalie.

I am going to make sure my angles are correct during my game today. I think I am a little off my angles more than I am normally. Got to get that down a little better.

Gotta update more frequently

These once a week updates are just not frequent enough. I have to post more because a ton of things happened in the last week.

Malys is now a 5-2 team and tied for 1st place in the division. Actually, we are in 1st place since we have beaten the 2nd place team both times we have played them. We win our remaining games we will take first and be in good position for the playoffs.

Who Cares Brass was dealt a serious blow last week with a team we should have beat. With 4 games to go, we are put in a position where we have to win 3 of our next 4 to stand a chance at getting into the post season. First test is tonight.

Who Cares Aluminum is in good shape after beating Structural Standards last week….the team I am trying to get into playoffs. Who Cares stands undefeated with a strong schedule leading into the playoffs.

Structural Standards has 4 winnable games. Winning 3 of the next 4 will ensure a birth in the playoffs for them and thats my goal.

My wrist has healed up for the most part which is a good thing. My time in Traverse City really helped. My wife and I did a tour of 15 wineries and just relaxed for about 4 days. It was a nice getaway but I am glad I am back.

Busy as ever

With 5 games down, the next 5 weeks are going to be pivotal for the teams play for in rollerhockey. My ice hockey team starts back to playing on Wednesday. On top of all this, my wife and I are going up north for wine tasting and food for 4 days.

Malys should improve to 4-2 on Monday when we play the last place team.

Who Cares also plays the last place team and should improve to 4-2 on Tuesday.

Who Cares on Wednesday/Thursday plays Structural Standards. I am playing for Structural while Who Cares shoots on me, their own goalie. It will be an interesting game.

No rest for the weary

My body is hurting. The two games I played tonight really took a lot out of me. My thumb was whacked pretty good on Monday and it is healing good today, but my left wrist has me concerned. Its really sore to the point where certain things I do really hurt. Its hard to narrow down when it is going to hurt which makes it frustrating.

I have two more games to play this week. Structrual Standards has a key game on Thursday while Who Cares looks to improve to 5-0 tomorrow. Then I can take the weekend and rest up once again.

I just hope my darn wrist heals up sufficiently. I don’t know what I did, but its frustrating.

The break gives me too much time to think

I am half way through my break from hockey and I am already itching to get back at it. I want so badly to put my skates on and play again. However, I am still embracing this break. The season will start back up with a bang and I won’t have another break until October.

My teams are sitting well in rollerhockey. Who Cares in Aluminum is undefeated after some excellent close games. I have played solid in those wins and made timely saves. With 6 games left, I can see us placing first. Maly’s in Tin is also doing well. I should be skating out 4 of the last 6 games at least and in next for a few. Playoffs are up in the air.

I have the team I am subbing for in the top division, Who Cares in Brass. A team looking for players and a team in flux. I have no idea what the end result will be for them, but I am going to help as long as they have players not showing up and they need me.

Lastly, I have my ice hockey team. We start playing in about 2 weeks and the format looks to be pretty fun. 24 games for the season, and then 3 rounds of playoffs with a best of 3 format for a possible max of 33 games. I am eager to play in a league like that. Especially a multi-game playoff series where one bounce or one game is not the end result. Just like I had last time in the last playoff game in ice hockey. Weird shot bounces off of 2 people and to a wide open guy who puts the puck in the net. A silly bounce that costs you a game. I am not upset about the bounce. Its the game of hockey. I have always wanted to play in a league like this and it looks like I will have a chance to do so.