A break from hockey

My body was wrecked last night.

I played two games in a row. The first game I helped Structrual Standards to their 2nd win and a 4th place standing with a 9-2 victory. The next game was rougher for me. I stretched out really far to make a save last night and felt something give in my right leg. I finished the game and we won a very tight game by a 4-2 score, but it was still a tough one. Especially with my leg being sore.

Today, its still sore along with other parts of my body. I have played a lot of hockey in the last 2 weeks and I am looking forward to some downtime. Next week, I have no hockey at all. The rink gives us Labor Day off and the rest of the week too for that matter. My ice hockey team will start up again in 3 weeks.

I am going to take this opportunity to heal up and be ready for the second half of the season, ice hockey, and my MBA studies which start soon.