Testing my limits

After a game on Monday, two games on Tuesday, and a game on Wednesday, I am hurting. My right arm has a bruise on it the size of a roll of hockey tape. Yet, I am still feeling pretty good for the most part. The extra games this week have been tough on me physically, and unforgiving. At the same time, they have been motivating.

Malys lost for the first time in over a season by a 3-2 final. I skated out and man I was tired after the game was over. Still, my skill skating out is getting better. I am on my feet more than I ever was. I am passing the puck more and I am getting smarter with the puck.

I subbed for 2 teams on Tuesday. Dragons and Who Cares. Both teams lost and Who Cares was dominated. Both losses were not totally my fault, but still I was tired by the second game. Losing 5-2 in my Dragons game was hard to take, but getting shelled 8-0 in the Who Cares game was rough.

Last night I played for Who Cares in Aluminum and we won 5-1. It was a two goal game until the last 6 minutes so it was close the whole way. Another tough game that I played well in. My defense gave me a ton of help.

Tonight I have Structural Standards and then a nice break Friday and the weekend. I need the rest.