Things change

If there is anything that I have learned from getting older, its that people do change over time. I have finally turned the corner on certain aspects of my life such as the friends I have. You realize that you are getting older, and that some of the friends you had in the past are no longer on that pedestal that you put them on. Case in point, some friends of mine who live in Eaton Rapids who I hung out with a lot when I was back in college. My wife asked me why I don’t talk to them much anymore. Back in the day, I shared a lot with them. However, their lives took them on a different path. I saw them about a couple months ago, and I realized that everything that I shared with them that long ago was gone.

Today, as I get older, I am not feeling as close to friends that I once held dear to me. That brings a certain feeling of dread, and at the same time some confusion. I almost burned some bridges that I may have regretted burning later.

I know this is a cryptic post, and I will be explaining things more later. I guess I am in a state of flux now and I will need some time to digest things.