A good start

I skated out as a forward my first game in about two years. I recorded 2, maybe 3 shots and scored one goal. I got a good shot off a rebound and put it far side on the goalie. We won our first game of the season, and we are moving in the right direction.

On the good side, not only did I score, but I played pretty well. I dug for pucks, I backchecked a bit, and tried to stay in the way of shots. My teammates were positive that I did pretty well and I have to agree with them.

On the bad side, I was out of shape. After the first period, I was just out of energy. I didn’t have anything left in the 3rd period. We only had 3 forwards so I was out there double shifting. This was a major change for me as I have been on teams that had 6 forwards every game so I was only taking 1 shift every 3 times.

I am going to get some sleep tonight and I should be good to go tomorrow for my next game.