Its been a long summer with no hockey on TV

The first week of August is upon us, and it has been about 2 months since the Red Wings lifted the Stanley Cup. It will be another month and a half before training camps open and 2 months before the start of the regular season. Seems like an eternity, or is it?

As I have been getting older, I have noticed that time keeps going by faster and faster. It doesn’t seem like 2 months since the Wings won the cup. It seems like 2 weeks ago. Heck, it was 2 weeks ago since I played in hockey playoffs, and that feels like less than a week ago.

With all the news about Hossa and the Red Wings this summer, I am eager for the season to start. I am eager to also see the Griffins play in their home opener. I wouldn’t mind seeing Ferris State play this season as well.

Its been a long hot summer. Just can’t wait for hockey to start up again.

Its been too long

I cannot wait to play hockey again. Especially roller hockey. Especially skating out as a forward. This upcoming season is going to be so much fun. There is part of me that is wondering how I am going to do this season.

The Fury team in Brass is going to have its work cut out for it. I am eager to see how this team is going to look after a quick first round exit last season. Half the team was changed so it will be interesting to say the least.

Who Cares in Aluminum is going to be interesting as well. Here is a team that did so well last season and into the playoffs, but was a few steps away from the finals. I don’t know what to expect here.

Lastly, we have the team I am skating out on, Maly’s. Its my first season skating out in about 2 years. There will be 2 full lines, so it will be an adjustment for me to play that much. Usually, There are 6 forwards so I am taking 1 shift every 3 times. Now, I will be counted on to do every other shift.

The one thing that is a bummer is that there are only 3 divisions this season. If all my teams do well, its going to be very hard to play all day on Saturday in about 3 months. We shall see how it goes.