A break from hockey

My body was wrecked last night.

I played two games in a row. The first game I helped Structrual Standards to their 2nd win and a 4th place standing with a 9-2 victory. The next game was rougher for me. I stretched out really far to make a save last night and felt something give in my right leg. I finished the game and we won a very tight game by a 4-2 score, but it was still a tough one. Especially with my leg being sore.

Today, its still sore along with other parts of my body. I have played a lot of hockey in the last 2 weeks and I am looking forward to some downtime. Next week, I have no hockey at all. The rink gives us Labor Day off and the rest of the week too for that matter. My ice hockey team will start up again in 3 weeks.

I am going to take this opportunity to heal up and be ready for the second half of the season, ice hockey, and my MBA studies which start soon.

A hockey ending

Last season, I didn’t play well in the final game of my ice hockey playoff run. This season, we lost in the second round, but it was by a fluke bounce. After the goal was scored, I didn’t have a heavy heart or regrets about the way I played. I did well enough to win that game. Both teams played solid, and it is just fitting that it all came down to a fluke bounce that won the game for them by a score of 4-3 in OT.

Overall, as I said before, I played solid. We nabbed a 2-0 lead, and I was confident turning shots away and swallowing up a lot of rebounds. The first goal I let in I was sitting back too far in my net but the guy had time to pick his corner to cut the lead 2-1. The second period neither team could score, but the third period was wild. They scored on a breakaway to tie the time. We scored off a rebound to take the lead again. They scored off a wild play to tie it 3-3. One of our guys tried to clear the puck, but it went off one of their players and he passed it over to a wide open guy on the other side who put it home. The OT winner was fluky. It went off 2 guys to a wide open guy who had the whole net to shoot at since I was out taking the original shooter.

After the goal was scored, I felt no regret. No bad feelings like I felt last time. I congratulated my team. It was a good season. Not as successful as I would like it to be. However, it was successful. So what next? We will be back next season so I am pretty happy about that. Another shot at a championship in ice hockey is what a I want.

In the meantime, Who Cares in Aluminum looks to be solid and my best chance to lift another trophy come October. Thats my goal.

Good start

After relaxing most of the weekend, I had a good start today, but in net. I normally skate out on Monday, but our goalie Jeff wanted to play defense since this team was undefeated. I played in net and had a great game in a 5-2 win. This win just boosts my confidence for my game tomorrow with Who Cares, my playoff game on Wednesday, and both my games on Thursday.

The one that got away

My goal for Structural Standards this season, after 3 wins last season, is 6 wins and hopefully a playoff birth. When I looked at the schedule, this game was one of the tougher ones I expected. I never expected it to be so tight. It was such a tight game and we had a 3-1 lead that it was the game that we should have had. Instead, the undefeated Rink Rats from last season won 4-3 off a goal in the last 3 minutes of the game.

The good thing is that I really didn’t let any horrible goals in. One shot hit my pad and still went in. I maybe should have had that one. The others though were good shots. It was just upsetting to the team. My goal is to stay positive and keep the team positive and concentrating on the goal. There are going to be a few tough games that they are going to have to weather to get to that goal. At this point though, its not impossible.

From a physical standpoint, I am glad this week is done. I have played a ton of games. My right shoulder is sore from a bruise I got a few weeks ago. My left forearm is really sore this morning, and my ankles are bothering me a bit. Heck, my knees actually feel good for a change. Ah well, its going to be a nice relaxing weekend…..hopefully. Next week I have roller games and ice hockey playoffs for the summer season.

Testing my limits

After a game on Monday, two games on Tuesday, and a game on Wednesday, I am hurting. My right arm has a bruise on it the size of a roll of hockey tape. Yet, I am still feeling pretty good for the most part. The extra games this week have been tough on me physically, and unforgiving. At the same time, they have been motivating.

Malys lost for the first time in over a season by a 3-2 final. I skated out and man I was tired after the game was over. Still, my skill skating out is getting better. I am on my feet more than I ever was. I am passing the puck more and I am getting smarter with the puck.

I subbed for 2 teams on Tuesday. Dragons and Who Cares. Both teams lost and Who Cares was dominated. Both losses were not totally my fault, but still I was tired by the second game. Losing 5-2 in my Dragons game was hard to take, but getting shelled 8-0 in the Who Cares game was rough.

Last night I played for Who Cares in Aluminum and we won 5-1. It was a two goal game until the last 6 minutes so it was close the whole way. Another tough game that I played well in. My defense gave me a ton of help.

Tonight I have Structural Standards and then a nice break Friday and the weekend. I need the rest.

MBA and hockey

Today I got my first call from Davenport about my application to go back to school for my MBA. I was accepted which is pretty exciting. Still waiting to hear back from a couple other schools, but this is a very exciting time for me. In September, I will be starting back to school to get my Masters degree. I have always had a love for teaching college and maybe working in high level management somewhere. This degree will help me achieve both of those goals.

Speaking of goals, I have a tough few games coming up. Who Cares, my new aluminum team, plays tonight. I have ice hockey after that at 11:15 as our summer season comes to a close with playoffs coming next week. Then on Thursday I kick right back into roller when I play for Structural Standards.

Unfortunately, my Tuesday night team no longer needs my services which is a bummer. However, looking on the bright side, with me playing 3 nights a week already it gives me some time to rest before fall/winter/spring hockey kicks back in. Everything always works out in the end thats for sure. When one door closes, another opens. There are a couple ice hockey leagues that I will probably have an opportunity to get into. The big question is, should I spring at the opportunity to play more than 3 nights with my MBA admission coming up soon?

Finding a balance between my wife, job, hockey, and MBA is going to be a continuous challenge over the next 4 years. My hockey playing days may be over in 1-2 years. I hope to go longer than that though. Still, its going to be a scheduling nightmare to go to class one day a week, playing hockey a lot, studying, working, etc. I am going to have to be dedicated to my MBA which means other hobbies have to take a backseat.

I will have to analyze this further.

Good to be playing again

Wow! What a game!

I came back last night and looked forward to playing hockey tonight. I did pretty well skating out again as my team won 2-1 in OT. I had the final shot in regulation, a breakaway, and I shot it right into the goalie. What a bummer!

Still it was great to get back home, and playing hockey again.