Its about how you approach it

Last night my Kodiaks ice hockey team played the team we were tied for 1st place with. There was only one problem though. Only 5 of our guys showed up.

Needless to say, we were shelled in that game. We lost 9-4, but I have to say that the other team were not pricks. They didn’t slash or act like asses. They played hard and didn’t go out to embarrass us which is more than I can ask. If my team were in the same situation, I would be asking my team to do the same thing.

I made a lot of good stops in that game last night. I had a couple shots I should have had, but so did they for that matter. They rang a shot off the post that should have been an empty netter. I completely missed a shot that went in between my arm and side. Gotta keep those holes closed.

I made one nice save on a 2 on 1. I dove across the crease and got a piece of the one time shot off my stick and covered it. Even the other team was congratulating me off that save.

I was a little sore after I got done playing last night and even today my left inner thigh is a little sore. Don’t know if a tweaked my groin muscle or something, but I am going to be careful the rest of the week.