Upon Reflection

Every playoff Saturday I have partidipated in has went well to most of my standards. In the end, either I won or lost but it was a team effort with a little bit of luck thrown in. Yesterday was no exception.

I took the Dragons to the semifinals with a 6-4 victory over the Blizzard in our first game. Its been a long time since the Dragons have won a game by scoring 6 goals. Still, we as a team played very well. Considering the Blizzard only had 4 guys, it was a very strong effort by them as well. Their best skater got 3 goals on me, but not until the last period of the game when he got 2 more to close the lead to 6-4 but that was as close as they would get.

I played next for the Fury who lost in convincing fashion to Bluevortex 9-1. I let a couple bad goals in, but this loss was a team effort the whole way around. Bluevortex just played that well. They kept the shots to the outside while our defense just couldn’t keep up. It was a game, when they scored the 9th goal and the game ended for an 8 goal mercy that I had no complaints to. It would have been nice to complete the game as we were 2:50 or so away from doing so. Still, we were outmatched and outplayed.

Dragons played the undefeated Rink Rats in the next round. A team that was undefeated all season. If there was a game I wanted, it was going to be this one. There were certain members of the Rink Rats that just gave me crap about not being able to beat them. The Dragons lept out to a 1-0 lead when the Rats goalie came out to play the puck, and a Dragon forward hit the puck off the goalie’s stick and into the net. Rink Rats tied it up in the second period off a 2 on 1 chance. I should have played the shooter a little more aggressively, but I didn’t and I got scored on over my blocker. We went up 2-1 off a nice rebound backhand shot in the second period. That is the score that would hold up. Remember how I said that bounces and luck work for you as well as a strong team effort? Thats what happened. The Rink Rats missed 3 wide open chances in front for one timers. Every shot the threw at me when into my chest or pads. I played a solid game, and my team played hungry. Thats why we won.

The Dragons had no luck in the finals though, getting beat by Lighthouse Plumbing 7-2. Lighthouse just passed the puck around us, limited our team to 8 shots on goal the whole game, and got quality chances they capitalized on. The game felt a lot like the Fury game by the way we were getting outplayed.

Overall, it was a solid day. I got a good win and a nice upset. Would have been nice to win a trophy, but it didn’t happen. Second time in a row for me. Next season looks very promising though. Confidence is high that I will be competing again for a championship.