WordPress fun

I have been reading up on doing some different things with wordpress that have worked out pretty well for me so far. One of them is permalinks. The other, which is the WPG2 Plugin for Gallery2 isn’t working too well.

My permalinks were set to default, which really didn’t look too good when providing links. This is what they used to look like…


Now, they look like this….


So, what does it mean? Nothing really. The links created in wordpress just look a lot nicer. They have the day, year, and the post name in the link so you have a good idea of what you are looking at. Making this change was a piece of cake, and it even forwards the old links to the new ones.

As for the WPG2 plugin, I was hoping to start streaming some of my old gallery photos to my wordpress site. So far, I havent had luck doing so. I can’t get the darn thing to work right. I will keep working on it though.