In the drivers seat

With one week left in the regular season, all my teams are in a position for a playoff run.

The Fury will take 3rd in the division, and missing one of our better players, we will have to play hungry in order to win 2 games. I will need to come through with a strong performance as well. Overall, I am excited and my expectations are high to reach the finals.

The Dragons are in 4th place and will probably finish 4th unless something strange happens our last game. That will put them in a position for a playoff game against the Blizzard house team. A team that beat us 9-8 last time we played. I had a subpar game and will need to come up with a better performance than I did last game.

Lastly, I have Who Cares. The team that Jeff and I have been playing for all season because they didn’t have a goalie. They are entrenched in 2nd place and will get a bye the first round. If I play for them or Jeff plays for them will all depend on how our teams do on Saturday.

This week is going to go by fast. My off night with no hockey are packed with activities. I am really looking forward to playing on Saturday, but at the same time, I feel no pressure. I am going to go out, have fun with my teams, and then go out for food and drink afterwards. I cannot wait.

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