Rollerhockey in the summer is one of those things that just drains you fast. Last night, I had a hard time coping with the heat and it was about 80 degrees. A single 1 hour game just took me out. The good thing is that, I won the game. With that victory, I helped move the Plyforms one step closer to making playoffs. Now we have to win next week in order to secure a spot.

The Plyforms goalie went down with injury a few weeks ago. I was asked to step in and was handed the teams playoff hopes. To be totally honest with myself, I played an average game. We won 10-9. Thats just abysmal considering the Plyforms havent’ given up that many goals all season. Since this is the top league, I was clearly not accustumed to the speed of the game. I was slow in comparison to the kids on the other team.

A win is a win. One step closer to playoffs is all that matters.

Last night I got home, ate come chicken and pasta, and went to bed. This morning I am still a little drained. I hope this exhaustion is not a sign of things to come. I had better be 100% ready for playoffs thats for sure.

My ice hockey team still sits in 2nd place with a tie last week. The Fury will return next season, and this season we will make playoffs again. Although with a weakened squad since one of our players will be gone. The Dragons have to win at least 1 of their next 2 to make playoffs. Who Cares has 2nd or 3rd locked up.