The Twitter Revolution?

I recently spiced up my blog a bit by adding a couple new things. The first is a link to the wordpress theme that I invested in called Thesis. The second is Twitter.

Thesis WordPress Theme

Thesis has really changed the way that I look at my blog. I encourage anyone who uses WordPress to take a look at this theme. Its simply awesome! The support and the community make this theme well worth it.

As for Twitter, the jury is still out. I added a nice Twitter section to my blog, but I am trying to find easy ways to use it. I am not a huge phone SMS user, but I might have to change that if I want to keep Twitter updated. I guess we will see how it goes.

Its about how you approach it

Last night my Kodiaks ice hockey team played the team we were tied for 1st place with. There was only one problem though. Only 5 of our guys showed up.

Needless to say, we were shelled in that game. We lost 9-4, but I have to say that the other team were not pricks. They didn’t slash or act like asses. They played hard and didn’t go out to embarrass us which is more than I can ask. If my team were in the same situation, I would be asking my team to do the same thing.

I made a lot of good stops in that game last night. I had a couple shots I should have had, but so did they for that matter. They rang a shot off the post that should have been an empty netter. I completely missed a shot that went in between my arm and side. Gotta keep those holes closed.

I made one nice save on a 2 on 1. I dove across the crease and got a piece of the one time shot off my stick and covered it. Even the other team was congratulating me off that save.

I was a little sore after I got done playing last night and even today my left inner thigh is a little sore. Don’t know if a tweaked my groin muscle or something, but I am going to be careful the rest of the week.

Upon Reflection

Every playoff Saturday I have partidipated in has went well to most of my standards. In the end, either I won or lost but it was a team effort with a little bit of luck thrown in. Yesterday was no exception.

I took the Dragons to the semifinals with a 6-4 victory over the Blizzard in our first game. Its been a long time since the Dragons have won a game by scoring 6 goals. Still, we as a team played very well. Considering the Blizzard only had 4 guys, it was a very strong effort by them as well. Their best skater got 3 goals on me, but not until the last period of the game when he got 2 more to close the lead to 6-4 but that was as close as they would get.

I played next for the Fury who lost in convincing fashion to Bluevortex 9-1. I let a couple bad goals in, but this loss was a team effort the whole way around. Bluevortex just played that well. They kept the shots to the outside while our defense just couldn’t keep up. It was a game, when they scored the 9th goal and the game ended for an 8 goal mercy that I had no complaints to. It would have been nice to complete the game as we were 2:50 or so away from doing so. Still, we were outmatched and outplayed.

Dragons played the undefeated Rink Rats in the next round. A team that was undefeated all season. If there was a game I wanted, it was going to be this one. There were certain members of the Rink Rats that just gave me crap about not being able to beat them. The Dragons lept out to a 1-0 lead when the Rats goalie came out to play the puck, and a Dragon forward hit the puck off the goalie’s stick and into the net. Rink Rats tied it up in the second period off a 2 on 1 chance. I should have played the shooter a little more aggressively, but I didn’t and I got scored on over my blocker. We went up 2-1 off a nice rebound backhand shot in the second period. That is the score that would hold up. Remember how I said that bounces and luck work for you as well as a strong team effort? Thats what happened. The Rink Rats missed 3 wide open chances in front for one timers. Every shot the threw at me when into my chest or pads. I played a solid game, and my team played hungry. Thats why we won.

The Dragons had no luck in the finals though, getting beat by Lighthouse Plumbing 7-2. Lighthouse just passed the puck around us, limited our team to 8 shots on goal the whole game, and got quality chances they capitalized on. The game felt a lot like the Fury game by the way we were getting outplayed.

Overall, it was a solid day. I got a good win and a nice upset. Would have been nice to win a trophy, but it didn’t happen. Second time in a row for me. Next season looks very promising though. Confidence is high that I will be competing again for a championship.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.


Tonight, my main activity was to see The Dark Knight in the Imax. I usually like to relax the night before playoffs, but this movie was not relaxing at all. In fact, next to Iron Man, it was the best action movie I have seen this summer. Seeing it in the IMAX was icing on the cake. In my opinion, if you haven’t seen this in the IMAX, then you haven’t seen this movie. Its worth every extra penny.

The show was sold out over a week ago. When we got to the theater 45 minutes before the show started, there was already a line to get in. All the shows in the IMAX were sold out through Sunday night. Thats just an incredible feat.

The movie moves at a blistering pace, and it could have went another hour. Thats just how good it was. Heath Ledgers performance as the Joker was unforgettable. Was it better than Jack Nicholson’s performance back in 1989? I say it was about even. Nicholson had the insane part down to a tee. Ledger was just as good. If I had to make a decision, its a tie.

Now, I will have to get some sleep before the playoffs begin tomorrow morning. Lets hope I can sleep.

Ready for Saturday

My final game tonight was a decent one, but not great. I really didn’t let in a bad goal, just wasn’t very maneuravable tonight. Course, when the temperature is almost 90 and the humidity just weighs you down, the energy just drains from you. Still, a win is a win. Now I know when I am playing on Saturday.

My first game is at 10:30pm. Then I get a 45 minute break. My second game is at noon. Then I get another break. If my 10:30pm team wins, I play at 1:30, 2:15pm, and then again at 3pm if my noon team wins.

A lot of games to play in a row if my teams advance. I will have to keep my bro in mind to help me out.

Don’t expect Hossa to jump ship after one season in Detroit

ESPN – Don’t expect Hossa to jump ship after one season in Detroit – NHL.

Found this very interesting article on ESPNs site.  Pretty much stating that Hossa will be in Detroit past the one year deal he got.  Well, the proof will be what happens after this year thats for sure.  I don’t know if a deal can be made.  I can say this about Hossa, he wants to win a Stanley Cup.  He is willing to take a discount to play for a winner.  I can only assume he would take a long term deal at a discount to play for a winner.

The key will be, does he take the discount if he wins the cup this year.  He could take the cash that will be thrown in his direction.  Its easier to take it after you lift the cup thats for sure.  The flip side is does he stay if he wins the cup?  Are you that dedicated to winning and turning Detroit into a dynasty in the salary cap world that you are willing to take a pay cut?

If the Wings win the cup this coming season, they will be known as the place you come to play to win a Stanley Cup.  I can think of many players, good ones, that will be willing to take less money for that.

As a fan, I like it.

WordPress fun

I have been reading up on doing some different things with wordpress that have worked out pretty well for me so far. One of them is permalinks. The other, which is the WPG2 Plugin for Gallery2 isn’t working too well.

My permalinks were set to default, which really didn’t look too good when providing links. This is what they used to look like…

Now, they look like this….

So, what does it mean? Nothing really. The links created in wordpress just look a lot nicer. They have the day, year, and the post name in the link so you have a good idea of what you are looking at. Making this change was a piece of cake, and it even forwards the old links to the new ones.

As for the WPG2 plugin, I was hoping to start streaming some of my old gallery photos to my wordpress site. So far, I havent had luck doing so. I can’t get the darn thing to work right. I will keep working on it though.

Time just flys by

With playoffs starting Saturday morning, the time is just flying by. I have my last game of the season tonight before playoffs start. So much is being put on me to perform, just like in the last 6-7 years previous to this one. All my teams are counting on me to make an impact. The only one who has doubts before Saturday comes is me.

A little background….

I was never an athletic superstar in high school or college. I participated in sports, but I was never good enough. I had my share of victories and success. A majority of my time in sports back then was all tough. That is however, all before I started playing hockey. The regular season is a grind for me with me playing so much. However, playoffs are where I have made my mark. I have had so much success with so many teams, varying from top teams to teams that just barely made it in. I don’t know what it is, but a light just goes off and I get a rush like you wouldn’t believe. Teams I play against know it all too well, just as teams I play for do as well.

So what does that mean? It means that I am going to be a little nervous up to the point when I go out there to play and then I will relax….as normal. I will settle into my game and play well on Saturday.

Tonight, really doesn’t matter. The Dragons are in 4th or 5th place. Win or lose today, we are in the playoff picture. I am looking at this game as a warmup (no pun intended cause its 88 degrees outside right now) to Saturday’s playoff games. I will play solid. I will play confident. I will be successful on Saturday.

Friday night at least will be entertaining. Normally, the day before playoffs is a low key day. Friday for me will be spent in the Imax watching the new Batman movie. I am really looking forward to that. Especially with the theater sold out.

Before I know it, Saturday will be over and the weekend will be half gone. That is one thing I continue to notice and that is the older I get, the faster time seems to fly.

In the drivers seat

With one week left in the regular season, all my teams are in a position for a playoff run.

The Fury will take 3rd in the division, and missing one of our better players, we will have to play hungry in order to win 2 games. I will need to come through with a strong performance as well. Overall, I am excited and my expectations are high to reach the finals.

The Dragons are in 4th place and will probably finish 4th unless something strange happens our last game. That will put them in a position for a playoff game against the Blizzard house team. A team that beat us 9-8 last time we played. I had a subpar game and will need to come up with a better performance than I did last game.

Lastly, I have Who Cares. The team that Jeff and I have been playing for all season because they didn’t have a goalie. They are entrenched in 2nd place and will get a bye the first round. If I play for them or Jeff plays for them will all depend on how our teams do on Saturday.

This week is going to go by fast. My off night with no hockey are packed with activities. I am really looking forward to playing on Saturday, but at the same time, I feel no pressure. I am going to go out, have fun with my teams, and then go out for food and drink afterwards. I cannot wait.