Punishing myself

Hockey is up and down for me at the moment.

The Fury are sitting in 3rd place and have 2 games to go to clinch a playoff spot. We lost in OT our last game and are under pressure to win our last two games.

The Dragons won a key game tonight as they are sitting in a precarious spot for the playoffs. Winning our last 2 games will go a long way to clinching a spot thats for sure.

My ice hockey team continues to win, but we have a very tall order coming up next week as we play Future Care which always plays us tough.

In addition to hockey this week, I have been working out with the Wii Fit which kicks my butt pretty soundly. I played for 3 hours yesterday and worked out on the Wii Fit too. Today I played for 2 and I am dog tired, yet I might still get on the Wii Fit before I go to sleep. I am working on my upper body strength and toning.

Looks like I will be stepping in to play on Monday nights for the next 3 weeks for the Plyforms in Monday night advanced. Thats going to be an interesting situation. I can only hope we win a few of our games and qualify for playoffs.