The clock is ticking

At 36, there is part of me that wonders how much hockey I have left in me. Let me rephrase… much good hockey I have left in me. I got shelled in a 10-4 loss today. I let in a few bad goals, but even taking those away we still would have lost. In order for me to beat Who Cares this season, after losing to them both times, I am going to have to play a perfect game to beat them. Maybe I will have their number come playoff Saturday in about 3 weeks.

My ice hockey team has another big game tomorrow that I am looking forward to. Thursday the Dragons will play and maybe we will be lucky enough to pull out another win like we were last week.

Getting old is a bitch on a physical level. I remember how fast I used to butterfly about 10 years ago. That kind of thing doesn’t happen anymore. The bumps and bruises don’t heal as fast. My knees ache the next day.

How many good years do I have left? I don’t know. I have been considered to be a great playoff performer, but at what point do I pull a Hasek and am replaced? At what point do people wonder why I stuck around for so long?

I want to go out a winner. I have 21 division championships to my name right now. I want at least a couple more before my hockey playing days come to an end.