Stanley Cup Finals Game 4 Review – 2-1 Wings Win!

Well, I was at a wedding all day, but the bride and groom were such wings fans they had a TV on in another room and 1/2 the people there were watching. It was wild let me tell you that much.

My thoughts on the game….

The wings responded after a bad game with a solid one. The pens didn’t make mistakes. It was just a hard fought win with a lucky bounce for Hudlers goal that was the game winner. Thats an instance were a bounce won you the game. When both teams are just working their asses off and you get that pass that eludes 3 players, gets on the stick of Hudler, and a nice backhand where he had very little space to put it. It was a goal scorers goal…..or it was a lucky shot. Either way, its a win for the Wings.

One thing that was concerning iwas our top line was getting chances but really not finishing. Tonight, they got their first goal since game 1. The good news is that our 2nd and 3rd lines are scoring. You hear it all the time from announcers talking about secondary scoring. Well, we are doing that now and its helped us to a 3-1 series lead.

I thought the game was, once again, officiated well. I didn’t read through every page, but there are some wings fans that think the refs were trying to give the pens the game. I did not get that impression. Every penalty that was called was a legit call. The 2 calls resulting on the 5 on 3 were totally legit. Heck, you know they were when 60 people watching the game with us didn’t complain about the 2nd call at all and they were all Wings fans. Its just my personal belief that unless the calls are 20-5 in favor of the Wings, then its not good officiating in the eyes of the wings fans. But I digress….

Wings SHOULD put this away in game 5 and I am going to be a very happy camper thats for sure. Gotta give the Pens credit though. They worked their asses off and only lost by a bounce today. Not like game 3 where the Wings played flat. Both teams were at their peak in terms of performance tonight and it was a good game to have on in prime time.

I called Wings in 7. If the Wings lose game 5, which is a possibility, there will be a 7th game. Mark my words now. However, if the Wings come out and dominate at home like they did the first two games, this game will be over very quickly. Osgood will win the Conn Smythe and the Wings will be celebrating.

Lets hope for a strong effort on Monday.