Wall-e is the best movie I have seen in a long time.

I walked into a theater to partake in seeing Wall-e yesterday afternoon and it was an experience that I will never forget.  Mind you, I have enjoyed a bulk of the movies that Pixar has made.  However, this one took the cake.  I am not going to give up anything about the movie because that just isn’t my style, but I will say it was worth paying to see in the theater.  Even the theater full of kids was quiet for the whole movie.  It was that entertaining.

The only thing that I wish is that it didn’t end.  Wall-e is a lovable robot and his manarisims are going to be missed.  Even today, I wish that Pixar would do a sequel or Disney would put out a TV series that would have the same quality.  I doubt that will happen though.

In the end, I guess I will have to just accept that the hour and a half I got to see of Wall-e will be good enough.  I just know the impression that this character and movie left upon me was huge.  I will not be quick to forget it.

Please, go see this movie.  You won’t regret it.

Punishing myself

Hockey is up and down for me at the moment.

The Fury are sitting in 3rd place and have 2 games to go to clinch a playoff spot. We lost in OT our last game and are under pressure to win our last two games.

The Dragons won a key game tonight as they are sitting in a precarious spot for the playoffs. Winning our last 2 games will go a long way to clinching a spot thats for sure.

My ice hockey team continues to win, but we have a very tall order coming up next week as we play Future Care which always plays us tough.

In addition to hockey this week, I have been working out with the Wii Fit which kicks my butt pretty soundly. I played for 3 hours yesterday and worked out on the Wii Fit too. Today I played for 2 and I am dog tired, yet I might still get on the Wii Fit before I go to sleep. I am working on my upper body strength and toning.

Looks like I will be stepping in to play on Monday nights for the next 3 weeks for the Plyforms in Monday night advanced. Thats going to be an interesting situation. I can only hope we win a few of our games and qualify for playoffs.

The clock is ticking

At 36, there is part of me that wonders how much hockey I have left in me. Let me rephrase…..how much good hockey I have left in me. I got shelled in a 10-4 loss today. I let in a few bad goals, but even taking those away we still would have lost. In order for me to beat Who Cares this season, after losing to them both times, I am going to have to play a perfect game to beat them. Maybe I will have their number come playoff Saturday in about 3 weeks.

My ice hockey team has another big game tomorrow that I am looking forward to. Thursday the Dragons will play and maybe we will be lucky enough to pull out another win like we were last week.

Getting old is a bitch on a physical level. I remember how fast I used to butterfly about 10 years ago. That kind of thing doesn’t happen anymore. The bumps and bruises don’t heal as fast. My knees ache the next day.

How many good years do I have left? I don’t know. I have been considered to be a great playoff performer, but at what point do I pull a Hasek and am replaced? At what point do people wonder why I stuck around for so long?

I want to go out a winner. I have 21 division championships to my name right now. I want at least a couple more before my hockey playing days come to an end.

A much needed win

After taking Tuesday off of hockey, I came back on Wednesday to a good win in Ice Hockey. Then tonight, my Dragons team played the first place team in Lighthouse Plumbing. It should be Dekleine Builders because the team is the same. Dekleine showed up with only 4 guys plus a goalie, and it was a hard fought win for us. That team is just that good.

Still, it was a much needed win. The Dragons had lost 2 and were sitting at 3-2 on the season. With that win, they now sit 4-2 with a solid chance at making playoffs. Thats my goal all along is just to make it that far.

My legs are more than a little sore after playing today. I am going straight to bed after I get done typing this. I need the sleep thats for sure.

With age comes wisdom?

On Friday, I celebrated my 36th birthday. I walked by my wedding picture and realized that I am getting older fast. My 10 year hockey career has been a great ride so far, but I am now questioning how long I am going to be able to go on. Especially with they style of goaltending I am doing.

I played 3 games on Wednesday last week, and by the end of the 3rd game I was physically sore. I couldn’t extend my right arm all the way out without feeling pain. My game on Thursday we won easily, but I have to pace myself a little better than I have before.

The old Fury team on Tuesday is doing well with 3 wins in a row and a tough stretch of games coming up to the playoffs. My ice hockey team continues to do well. The Dragons I have struggled playing with and have lost my last 2 games in a row. I have been subbing for another few teams without goalies and have been playing well with them this season so far. Thats concerning to say the least.

Overall, I have had a great life so far and it will get better as I get older.

Stanley Cup Finals thoughts

Its been about 5 days since the completion of the Stanley Cup Finals, where Detroit won a hard fought series against the Penguins. I didn’t get a chance to see the game until Friday night. I recorded it on Wednesday, and I did watch the cup celebration. That was all I got a chance to do though since I played 3 games on Wednesday night, and then played on Thursday as well. I also taped and watched the parade on Saturday.

After having many days to go through the material, I get happier and happier to see the Wings with the cup. Its exciting that in 11 years, I have gotten a chance to see 4 championship teams win the cup here in Detroit. Lets say that the city needs it. With the economy in the crapper, anything that helps lift the spirits in Detroit is a good thing.

My highlights of the celebration has to be Dallas Drake lifting the trophy for the first time in his career. Here was a guy that was considering retirement before the season started. Now he is carrying the cup around. Darren McCarty is another feel good story. He worked his way out from under the boot of alcoholism and depression to the top of hockey’s greatest stage. He should get a contract to play in Detroit next season. I know, he won’t get top line minutes, but he is a role player and factored into the Wings winning it this season.

Speaking of crapper, I am pretty depressed that hockey is done until training camps open in September. Its going to be one long summer without hockey.

Stanley Cup Finals Game 5 Review – 4-3 Pens Win

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere. “

Thats the best quote I have heard this playoff run.

Make no mistake about it, the Wings played sloppy in the first period resulting in the Pens taking a 2-0 lead. In the second period, they started to wake up, but still trailed. In the 3rd they came alive and came ready to play the game. They took a 3-2 lead, and then sat back and tried to play D.

Overall, I am very disappointed with the wings effort. They expected the Pens to just sit on their asses and let the Wings win the game. They didn’t expect the Pens to come out with a strong effort and try to win the game. That is downright shameful. Even with the Wings puting 1 in their own net, and playing that sloppy, they came out in the 3rd period and dominated.

That should really piss every wings fan off. To see just how dominating they are when they put their minds to it. Instead of playing that way for the entire game, they bring it the 3rd period. Make no mistake about it, if the Wings played like that from start to finish every game, they would have swept the Pens. Instead, they play like ass and the general consensus here on these forums are that the Wings lost for other reasons.

Look in the mirror guys. You let them back into this series, and as I said before, this is going 7 games. Especially if you come out and play like you did in Game 5 and Game 3.

I have zero pity for the people who payed $2000 a ticket to watch the Wings last night. With the wings playing like they did, they didn’t deserve to hoist the cup.

No way in hell am I blaming the refs either. The two goaltender interference penalities were ones I could have called if I were reffing. I can’t argue with them thats for sure. When a player drives to the net UNINHIBITED and runs into the goalie, there should be a penalty call. As a goalie, if someone did that to me, I would be pissed if it wasn’t called. Being able to drive the net is one thing. Running the goalie down is another.

The Wings have no one to blame but themselves. They came out in the first period and played like they expected to lift the cup. They played like the Pens were just going to give it to them. That is just as shameful as getting up by a goal in the 3rd period and then trying to hold the lead with 6 minutes to go. Horrible defense on the last goal too. Talbot had 2 whacks at that puck and no defenseman planted him on his ass.

Wings have no one to blame but themselves.

See you all for game 6.

Stanley Cup Finals Game 4 Review – 2-1 Wings Win!

Well, I was at a wedding all day, but the bride and groom were such wings fans they had a TV on in another room and 1/2 the people there were watching. It was wild let me tell you that much.

My thoughts on the game….

The wings responded after a bad game with a solid one. The pens didn’t make mistakes. It was just a hard fought win with a lucky bounce for Hudlers goal that was the game winner. Thats an instance were a bounce won you the game. When both teams are just working their asses off and you get that pass that eludes 3 players, gets on the stick of Hudler, and a nice backhand where he had very little space to put it. It was a goal scorers goal…..or it was a lucky shot. Either way, its a win for the Wings.

One thing that was concerning iwas our top line was getting chances but really not finishing. Tonight, they got their first goal since game 1. The good news is that our 2nd and 3rd lines are scoring. You hear it all the time from announcers talking about secondary scoring. Well, we are doing that now and its helped us to a 3-1 series lead.

I thought the game was, once again, officiated well. I didn’t read through every page, but there are some wings fans that think the refs were trying to give the pens the game. I did not get that impression. Every penalty that was called was a legit call. The 2 calls resulting on the 5 on 3 were totally legit. Heck, you know they were when 60 people watching the game with us didn’t complain about the 2nd call at all and they were all Wings fans. Its just my personal belief that unless the calls are 20-5 in favor of the Wings, then its not good officiating in the eyes of the wings fans. But I digress….

Wings SHOULD put this away in game 5 and I am going to be a very happy camper thats for sure. Gotta give the Pens credit though. They worked their asses off and only lost by a bounce today. Not like game 3 where the Wings played flat. Both teams were at their peak in terms of performance tonight and it was a good game to have on in prime time.

I called Wings in 7. If the Wings lose game 5, which is a possibility, there will be a 7th game. Mark my words now. However, if the Wings come out and dominate at home like they did the first two games, this game will be over very quickly. Osgood will win the Conn Smythe and the Wings will be celebrating.

Lets hope for a strong effort on Monday.