Stanley Cup Finals Game 2 Review – 3-0 Wings Win!

Another awesome game by the Wings. It was good to see Stuart and Flip both get goals. The Wings continue to get scoring from their 2nd and 3rd lines which is a huge boost. If they were relying on the top line to get all their goals, they would have only won 1-0 both games which would have been very hard to do.

Osgood continues to be solid. If the defense that is playing in front of Osgood played in front of Hasek in the first round, Hasek would still be in net right now. The only thing you can ask from your goalie is to make the first stop. The Wings defense is playing like madmen. They are clearing the second chance opportunities and keeping the shots to the outside. As a goalie, you can’t ask for anything more than that.

With this win, the Penguins looked down and out by the time the horn sounded. They were whipped and will look to change their fortunes for game 3 and 4. The Wings have successfully cut the leg out from under them. Now all they have to do is keep the pressure on them. Eventually they will collapse.

30 of 31 teams that have went up 2-0 in the finals have went on to win the Stanley Cup. Thats a good omen right there.