Stanley Cup Finals Game 1 Review – 4-0 Wings Win!

I am very impressed with what I saw from the Wings tonight. The second and third lines really kicked it into high gear. They accounted for 3 of the 4 goals which is promising to see. Cleary’s play was impressive to see. He looked like a new man without that jaw brace on, and as a hockey player, I can understand why he probably was playing tenative with that device on.

I really didn’t rag on Samuelson too much, but I have to say, “I apologize”. Good to see him come up big in game 1.

Both sides had chances in this game. For as much as the analysts said that this could have been a 8-0 Detroit win, the Pens hit posts and had close calls as well. A few bounces go their way and the game could have been tied late. The Wings capitalized on their chances, the Pens didn’t. Wings win.

Every game is important, but Detroit has a chance to take a leg out from under the Pens if they win the next game.

The refereeing was good as well. As a goalie, I can understand why that goal was waived off. If I was trying to go down in butterfly, and a forward has his stick in my five hole or interfering with me, I would be bent. As a Wings fan, I thought the call was weak, but I can’t fault the refs for making that call.

Great game! Lets hope for another strong effort on Monday night!