After playing 3 games in a row last night, I am a wreck this morning.

I played a substandard game for Structured Standard in a 6-3 loss. Then I played a super game, and got some lucky bounces for Who Cares in a 7-1 win. The last game, the game that counted the most for me, the Dragons had a 9-8 come from behind victory. I had another substandard game, but all the bounces that worked out for me in the second game didn’t work out for me in this game.

So, my Dragons are sitting at 3-0 so far this season, which speaks volumes for the character of this team. My Tuesday night team is now at 1-2, but I am confident we can finish the season 6-4 and make the playoffs. I didn’t get a chance to see how my ice hockey team did on Wednesday because I was at Monty Python’s Spamalot.

This morning, I am still pretty darn sore from those 3 games in a row last night. I am glad to see the Pistons win at Boston last night as well. I hope that they can come through with 2 wins this weekend.