A lot can change in a week. After turning in my worst performance in a while last week on Tuesday, I did a complete 180.

My ice hockey team won 8-4 in their debut on Wednesday last week. Then on Thursday the Dragons had a great come from behind victory in OT by a final of 4-3. It was definetly a gut check for that team as we trailed the entire game until about 3 minutes to go.

Then to top it all off, the Fury (aka Steil’s Mom’s Cookies), won last night by a final of 7-3. I came way out to take the shot every time and it paid dividends. I have to continue to play aggressive and come out to take the shot. I feel reinvented after that game and energized to play strong on Thursday.

2 Replies to “Changes”

  1. Hey Buddy, I know I’m rough on you sometimes and you don’t (always) deserve it. But the bottom line is, you know why we went out and got you. You know what you can do and so do I. It’s hard sometimes because I am so competitive. You know I love you and I know we’ll be ok. Hell of a game last night. I think we’re back on track. Love ya, buddy.

  2. Thanks Devo! Playing on a team with you is the single reason why I came back this season. Keep being hard on me because I am hard on myself and will respond to it in a positive manner.

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