Just bummed out

After below average showings in both of my Tuesday night games where my Fury team lost, I am struck with a sense of uncertainty. I just feel like I am on the downturn of my short hockey career. I just feel like I am not stopping pucks the way I should. I am not playing the angles as well as I should. I feel like I should be playing a much more solid game than I should.

The only way to fix those problems are to go out there and keep working. I shouldn’t get down on myself thats for sure.

Its going

Hockey has been treating me well, but in spurts. My first game of the season last week with the old Fury team was my worst game in a long time. I then won my next two games in a row. This week, I dropped my second game with the Fury, which concerns me. I didn’t play as badly as I did last week in a 9-8 loss. But I was average in a 9-5 loss. The other team just outplayed and outpassed us. I came up with some huge saves, but I let in a couple soft goals.

My play in net has me concerned in no uncertain terms. I am back on the horse tomorrow with two games in one night. One on ice and one roller game. Its important for me to have a strong pair of games.