Gotta take the good with the bad

It has been a week since my teams bowed out of the playoffs on Saturday, and over a week since that bad ice hockey championship game. Time heals all wounds, but the bad memories remain. I am starting to get the itch back to start playing again though. I am eager for the opportunity to get back to being a champion this season in rollerhockey. I am also eager to getting back to the championship game in ice hockey. I want another opportunity.

In the last week, I have enjoyed the Stanley Cup playoffs a lot. Every night, there are games on TV and I am taking the opportunity to enjoy the games.

While I have been enjoying the hockey action, I have drifted away from World of Warcraft. The way I feel right now, I just need the break from the game. I am concentrating on Eve Online, Civilization 4 and other Steam games. In the next few weeks, I will probably be purchasing a PS3.