A second chance

I am going to have a shot at redemption. After tubing the title game in my Wednesday ice hockey league, I get a chance to get one with the Thursday night league. After winning our 1st game a few weeks ago, we won our second game in dominating fashion by a 9-3 score. We jumped out to a 4-0 lead and didn’t look back.

The really neat part of the win was that we beat the team that beat my Wednesday night team in the finals a year ago. They have two skaters that are just awesome, and they didn’t get a single goal in the game. Two of the three goals I gave up were off of rebound opportunities. The other was a screened shot from the point.

That win was overshadowed a bit by two rollerhockey losses eariler in the day. One was a team I subbed for that I came in for late because their goalie didn’t show up. I still didn’t play very well for them. Then my Dragons team missed taking 2nd in the division and instead take 3rd with a 5-2 loss. The thing that concerns me was the fact that the team we lost to was not even a playoff team. They just wanted the game more than we did.

So, playoffs for rollerhockey are tomorrow, and the schedule is set. Now all I have to do is deliver.