The reason I started playing goalie

I watched the Red Wings game last night, and I must say I was disappointed in Haseks performance. At the same time though, I can relate to him as well. I have been playing hockey now for almost 10 years and I have been hearing the same critisim leveled at him that has been leveled at me at one point in time. Heck, I say it to myself for that matter.

Last night it was the 80 footer shot that I thought was unscreened that he let in. Some people said he was screened. Another person I know said it was tipped. In the end, it was a goal. The tying goal at the time. Less than 10 seconds later, there was a top shelf shot from the top of the faceoff circle that made it 4-3 Predators. I can’t fault him on that game winning goal. I saw how far he was out and the shot was a great one at that.

What I can fault is the Wings playing for the win with a 1 goal lead. You do that, you tend to lose games you should win. In order to win those close games, you have to play aggressive and passionate. The Wings just looked like they were playing on their heels and waiting for time to run out.

The reason why I started playing in goal was because I didn’t want to be one of these uninformed armchair fans. Hockey is all about working hard, but that doesn’t help you if the puck doesn’t bounce your way. Before I started playing hockey, I would get upset if my team got scored on. Now I look for the little things, such as a lucky bounce, a screen, and the way a goalie reacts to a shot. These goalies are human after all, and they have goals that are scored against them the same way they are scored on me in my rec leagues. The speed of the game isn’t an issue because I can perform in my rec leagues. It’s not like Hasek playing in the rec leagues or me playing in the NHL.

The end result, a loss for the Wings and its one the Wings could have had. Forget about it and onto game 4.

At least you get a 7 game series in the NHL. As for my rec league championship on Wednesday and all the playoff games on saturday, its a one game playoff where anything can and does happen.