Its amazing how many times I think about adding to my blog but I just got around to it tonight. Almost a full 2 weeks after my last post which is very undiciplined of me.

Needless to say, my ice hockey teams both advanced. I say both because I picked up another one in the higher division after their goalie went out of town for a few weeks. The Kodiaks advanced with a 7-2 win and will face a team that has given us fits the last few times we have played them. They have a very good goaltender and a great defense in front of him. If the spotlight is going to shine on me any brighter, it will on Wednesday next week.

The other ice hockey team, Encore, advanced on. I let in a couple bad goals, but they played well in front of me. I am eager to be playing in the next game with this team to show them what I have.

My roller teams are both in the playoffs and now its all about the seeding. The Fury have pretty much locked up 1st place. The Dragons should be in 3rd at the end of the season.